A Culture of Belonging

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Ready for a workplace that supports, inspires and challenges you? Then we’re excited to hear from you. Explore our open positions today and discover a world of possibility. Just as we empower our clients to plan for the future, we encourage our team members to live with purpose. We provide a rewarding environment where you can grow, collaborate and live a balanced life.

What’s it Like to Work at BGM?

At BGM, we appreciate unique voices and diverse experiences. We value all perspectives and are committed to supporting an inclusive workplace where everyone can safely belong.

We believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep learning and growing, and leadership must set an example. We’re continuously working to empower our team members to celebrate diversity. Our goal is to provide a workplace where everyone feels comfortable being their authentic selves.

01 Providing Balance Beyond the Books: Team Wellness and Enrichment

We aspire to support our valued team members with wellness initiatives and enrichment opportunities. We take an integrated approach to fostering a healthy work environment by offering a wide array of benefits and opportunities:

  • Generous benefits: We make a wide scope of benefits available to our team members, including paid family leave, HSA contributions and flexible spending accounts.
  • Regular wellness opportunities: From in-house flu shot clinics to stress management campaigns, we provide opportunities to help our team feel their best.
  • Social gatherings: BGM is a community that enjoys making connections. We host fun, interactive social gatherings and events for you to build new relationships and strengthen old ones.
  • Interest-based clubs and discussion groups: Tell us your passion, because we want to know! From book clubs to film groups, many of our team members participate in lively discussions to share their interests.
  • Flexible work options: BGM considers what each team member needs to live and work well. We provide flexible scheduling opportunities with remote and hybrid work options so you can achieve the ultimate work-life balance.
02 Prioritizing Career Growth

Our goal is to create an approachable and energizing workplace so you can do your best work. From ongoing professional development to teaching peers, we’re here to help you learn, grow and succeed. Plus, we’re open to discussing your career goals and innovative ways to use your unique skill set.

03 Collaboration and Recognition

Let’s create wins together. At BGM, you’ll find a supportive work culture that values both individuality and teamwork. We encourage bringing fresh ideas to the table and pursuing new challenges.

We want every team member to feel valued. We intentionally engage in giving each other acts of gratitude for their work and expertise. You’ll always know you’re appreciated for your work and for who you are.

04 Valuing Individuals

We know you don’t live and breathe your job and you have a life outside of work. At BGM, you won’t be a cog in the machine; you’ll be a valued individual with a variety of interests and experiences. We’re dedicated to listening to your needs, supporting your success and encouraging a balanced lifestyle.

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Be a part of a greater sum

Our Values Guide Everything We Do

We have six core values that guide our business and how we work with each other.

01 Own It

We are honest, accountable and take responsibility with all those we interact with.  In action we will:

  • Do what we say we will do, on time
  • Be responsible for our work from start to finish
  • It’s okay to make mistakes; own it and learn from it
  • Participate and step-up without being asked
02 Take Pride

We find joy in the purpose our work and interactions bring to those around us.  In action we will:

  • Notice the positive impact we make in each other’s lives
  • Bring a positive attitude to those we encounter
  • Have a strong commitment to doing our best
  • Strive for excellence
03 Seek Solutions

We stay relevant in our relationships by seeking to understand unmet needs.  In action we will:

  • Ask questions to better understand
  • Listen actively and find solutions
  • Collaborate to generate and bring forward new ideas
  • Challenge the way we work to make it more efficient, effective and of greater value
04 Care

We engage in relationships of mutual respect that are built on kindness, sharing, and understanding.  In action we will:

  • Assume the other person has the best intentions
  • Be flexible and adaptable, striving for mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Be there to support and help others; make their day
  • Give the gift of feedback
05 Evolve and Grow

A key to our success is continuous learning and growth of the individuals and our business.  In action we will:

  • Contribute to the growth of the organization through the growth of our individual talents
  • Seek opportunities for learning and development; be curious
  • Create an environment where learning is playful and fun
  • Recognize when change is the right answer

Discover a Workplace Where You Can Thrive

Do you think you’d be a great fit for the BGM team? Then take a step toward your next career adventure by viewing our open positions today.

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