5 Reasons Minnesota Snowbirds Should Hire a Professional Property Manager

Are you a Minnesota snowbird that heads South to warmer weather for the winter? Do you own multiple properties? Do you wonder if your home is protected when you are away?

Imagine this. You are enjoying some much-needed time away at your other home to escape the harsh Minnesota winters. You are interrupted with news of a huge storm being forecasted, and you don’t know if your home is prepared. Immediately you are relieved because you have a property manager to contact and discuss your concerns. Your property manager reassures you that your home is well prepared to handle the impending storm and will be inspected before and after for damage. With peace of mind, you enjoy the rest of your time away at your second home, because you have a trusted property manager watching over your property.

5 Reasons Minnesota Snowbirds Should Hire a Property Management Service

1. Emergencies are no longer a worry.

What do you do if an emergency maintenance issue happens and you don’t how to resolve it? Call your personal property manager and let them arrange trusted vendors to resolve the maintenance headache. You do not want to feel overwhelmed and vulnerable during a maintenance crisis. Your personal property manager will arrange professional help and be on site to oversee all work performed.

2. Prepare your home for changing seasons.

How do you prepare your home for the cold, long, Minnesota winters? Call your property manager, who will arrange to have all exterior pipes winterized, arrange pool closing and dock removal, as well as ensure that furnace maintenance is performed and more.

3. Criminal activity will be unlikely with your property manager’s presence and sharp eye.

When your home sits vacant it becomes a target for criminal activity. Your personal property manager will walk through your home, ensure windows and doors are secure and remove any flyers or advertisements from property. Check for evidence of tampering.

4. Pest or rodent activity will be resolved immediately.

If ignored, pests and rodents cause serious and costly damage to your home. Your property manager will look for evidence for any pest activity and take proper action or contact pest control.

5. Pipes and faucets will be inspected on a regular basis to avoid serious water damage to your home.

Leaky pipes and faucets can cause serious and pricey damage to your personal belongings and home. During every walk through, your property manage will inspect all pipes, faucets, and toilets for leaks or damage. Also, check floors, walls, and ceilings for signs of water intrusion.

A Professional Property Manager Will Inspect the Interior and Exterior of Your Home

Interior Checklist

On the interior of your home, the property manager will:

  • Check air conditioner/furnace are operating and on proper settings.
  • Check all doors and windows to assure they are secure. Look for evidence of forced entry or damages.
  • Check for signs of water leaks and intrusion from interior and exterior sources, such as hot water heater and plumping.
  • Check the refrigerator for proper operation or mildew accumulation.
  • Check the ceiling, doors, and window frames for leaks.
  • Turn on ll faucets and run water through sinks, tubs, and showers Toilets will be flushed.
  • Visually check for signs of pests, insects, and rodents.
  • Check that all lights are operational.

Exterior Checklist

On the exterior of your home, the property manager will:

  • Check landscaping for damage or watering issues.
  • Check that all lighting is operational, such as porch, garage, and motion detector.
  • Check for drainage problems.
  • Remove all unwanted flyers, newspapers, and junk mail.
  • Inspect all pool and spa equipment for water leaks.
  • Check for storm damage.
  • Check for forced entry, including broken windows or doors.
  • Check that all doors, including garage are locked.
  • Check appearance of equipment such as air conditioning unit.
  • Check roof condition.

Your home is one of your biggest assets and requires consistent and trustworthy care and attention. Allow your reliable property manager to safeguard your home when you travel anywhere at any time. To learn more about Boeckermann Grafstrom & Mayer’s (BGM) property management services offered by the Family Office Service Group please visit our webpage. You may also contact your BGM professional or complete the Contact Us form.

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